Direct Message us on Instagram @AnyKineSNAX or text 808-772-7428 to order.
Schedule a meet up with us at the Kaiser High School Farmer's Market (Honolulu, Hawaii) Tuesdays from 4pm-6pm.

About Us:

Any Kine SNAX is a locally owned (Hawaii), small family business started in 2020 from a desire to share our fun and tasty freeze dried candies and treats with family and friends.   

Freeze drying is a long process that can take anywhere from a few hours to over a day to complete.  This process makes chewy candy into puffy, crunchy, and light treats!  Each treat is a surprise to your senses.   

Because of the long freeze drying times, we may not have large quantities on hand or all items available.  We try to accommodate all special orders and requests.


AnyKineSNAX, LLC has been approved by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture to use the "Made in Hawaii" logo on the products we process.  Added value to our products have been produced in Hawai`i.

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